Why Study Languages
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Why Study Languages?


·        Latin fosters a better understanding of English, especially English grammar. "Latin with all its inflections forces students to focus their attention on language and grammar. It opens their minds to the existence and purpose of grammar" (Luschnig).

·        Secondly, Latin helps in the understanding of English in its vocabulary, as over 50% of English words have Latin origins. It offers a unique opportunity to look at the nature of language itself.

·        Latin is a precise language. Studying its precise forms and grammar helps to develop precise thinking skills, which, once developed, are of benefit in other subjects as well.

·        Latin is the root of the Romance languages of French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian. Studying Latin will benefit those students who go on to study any of these languages.

·        Latin is the language of the sciences and medicine. Someone once said, “If you know the vocabulary of a subject, then you know the subject.”

·        The literature of Western Civilization is saturated with Latin, and understanding Latin therefore leads to a greater understanding of our literature.

·        More than 60 percent of our English vocabulary is derived from Latin. The technical vocabularies of such disciplines as medicine, law, astronomy, art history, and music are largely Latin based.

·        The SAT Verbal average for students taking the Latin Achievement Test is consistently higher (166 points) than the national average for all students. If you study Latin long enough, you can improve your general verbal skills.

·        Colleges and universities which have foreign language entrance requirements usually accept Latin as readily as they accept modern languages.

·        Latin helps the students with their reading, writing, and spelling abilities. Building a strong English vocabulary is a natural by-product of the study of Latin.

·        The study of Latin allows the access of famous works in their original language.

·        "The study of Latin is the study of Roman and usually Greek civilization -- the foundations on which all western societies are based. " (The American Classical League).



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