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World Languages

Minneapolis Public Schools World Languages Mission


Prepare all students to be multilingual, culturally competent, respectful and responsible citizens of an interconnected, more peaceful world. 


When society places importance on language learning, community members become more empathetic, more flexible thinkers, and better understand others’ needs and perspectives.

As Daniel Pink states, “Immersing yourself into someone else’s world … is a great way to connect with others and gain insight into their lives.”

This understanding not only serves oneself but can be used to serve others.

Culturally competent people feel comfortable in new, less familiar situations; they are confident, able to take risks, and able to accept rather than fear differences.

They care about and empathize with others, realize that others matter, and perceive their own responsibility to and in the world.

They desire to learn through experiences; understand how cultures and languages of other nations shape perspectives; and are aware of the rest of the world.

They are able to step outside the box, outside of their comfort zones.

They have friends of other cultures and languages and seek to experience language and culture beyond the traditional classroom setting.

They realize that others can also be right.

They understand that there are many ways to live and be happy in the world, and that the “American” way of life is just one way to live.


-- The MPS World Languages Curriculum Advisory Committee, Designing World Languages Learning in MPS - From Beliefs to Practice - 2009.