Teacher Guidelines
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MPS Teacher Guidelines for AAPPL Test Implementation

If you are an MPS high school teacher who is planning to implement AAPPL testing, please review these guidelines. 

Test duration (2-3 hours if done in one sitting)


30 - 40 minutes


30 - 45 minutes


30 - 45 minutes


45 - 60 minutes









Some facts about the ACTFL AAPPL test: 

  • Four modalities (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing)
  • Administered online
  • Self-paced
  • Requires headsets with microphones
  • Instructions are given in English
  • Students can come back to where they left off previously and resume the test



Anticipated duration


Preparation (Before Testing)




Determine which classes to administer the test to. Recommendation: Level 3 or above.




Determine the testing dates and reserve computer labs.




Inform tech support in your building

  • Share the technology information at the bottom of this page
  • Make sure computers are compatible with the test by running a System Check
  • Make sure headsets work for both listening and speaking
  • Make sure that inputting accent marks and other characters work. Click here for more information. 




Complete this Google Form (The link is disabled currently.)  to inform Ayumi Stockman of;

  • Your name
  • Testing Language
  • Class periods, course names (levels), and number of students who will be testing


Due Feb. 1


Become familiar with the test by:

1 hr



Talk with your students about:




Review the AAPPL testing tips with students (this can be done in your classroom)

30 min

1-2 weeks prior to the test



Have students complete the demo tests (students will need computer access)

45 -60 min


Review and sign the AAPPL Proctor Agreement

Once you sign the proctor agreement, log-in information for you and your students will be released. 

During and after testing you will be able to use this account to monitor student progress and completion of each section of the test, and to view student scores.

5 min


Have students answer the student contact information questionnaire

*This is very important. We need to be able to send the results and a letter in the US mail. 

5-10 min


Anticipated duration



Administer the test:

  • Right before the test, have each student sign a Test Taker Agreement Form
    • Students must sign the form
  • Please send the signed Test Taker Agreement Forms to Ayumi Stockman after everything is done. 
  • Recommended order of taking the test: Listening --> Reading --> Speaking --> Writing
  • Proctor the test to ensure that it is conducted in a serious testing environment. It should be treated like the ACT or any other standardized test.
  • Arrange a make-up time for students who missed or couldn’t complete the test.  

4-5 days

March to May

After testing




  • Listening and Reading scores are available to be viewed instantly on your teacher account.
  • Speaking and Writing results will appear within 2-3 weeks.
  • Wait for further communications on:
    • The list of students who will recieve recognition at each level
    • Transcript logistics
    • A Bilingual Seals ceremony